Witch Watch!

Lady dragonfly


Hello Blog readers!  I have chosen WordPress as my new blogsite!  As promised, on October 31, 2013 I will begin my Year and a Day with a Witch in the World blog.  But, I thought,  why not post a teaser blog here and there leading up to that auspicious beginning!  So here’s the premise;  I’m a witch…. a pagan, goddess embracing, dirt worshipping, spell casting, magickal mama!  And I live in a city in a small apartment.  And I have a corporate type day job.  Oh, and there’s my absolutely wonderful guy, an agnostic.  Yes, these things are in conflict sometimes.  For example; 1) Nature worshipping in the city can require a lot of creativity at times;  2)  Corporate life tends to shun the whole witch in the workplace thing- so there’s a bit of a broom closet to hide in there;  3) Sharing a small space with a non-witch and still wanting all my lovely witchy stuff (altar, apothecary, pentacles, black cat) can also be a challenge!

And, I think there are many other pagans juggling all of these things.  So the blog will be about that daily adventure.  I’ll post successes and failures, high points and low, spells and recipes, and quite often go rambling off on some philosophic jaunt.  It’ll be fun!  Really!  So watch this space for my witchy worldly antics and join in the conversation too!  I want to hear from everyone.  I’m not real tech savvy, so as soon as I figure out all the buttons here, I’m going to try to have unfiltered comment settings.  I’ll try to respond to as much as I can.  See ya in blogland!  And Blessed Be!

6 thoughts on “Witch Watch!

  1. Sounds like fun and good luck! I look forward to your updates.

  2. Sandy Scarano says:

    This is one blog I’m definitely interested in reading! You’re a fine writer too!

  3. Bear OneFlower says:

    I look forward to reading it! What a great way to stay in touch! Miss you sister!

  4. Angel says:

    I’ll be here. Love you.

  5. dirtypatchouli says:

    Best wishes on your path! I’ll enjoy reading your adventures and discoveries!

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