Full Moon Fun

ImageSo, Friday night, I performed my solitary full moon celebration.  There is this weird phenomenon occurring for me since my move to Phoenix.  I am a classically trained Third Degree Alexandrian Priestess.  We start in the East, we cast circle a certain way – we have a bible, yup… a bible… of sorts.  But I’ve always been a bit of a rebel, even in the realm of paganism and for me, experimentation with other paths is essential to my spiritual growth.  How can I find out what I don’t know unless I explore?  I’ve always been drawn to the mythologies and the practices of the Norse traditions.  Asatru and Heathen traditions fascinate me, but I’m really a novice there… just beginning to learn.  When I moved from my large house with a whole room dedicated to my Altar Space and three.. yes THREE outdoor circles in the 12 acres of forest on which I lived (yes… I was a totally SPOILED witch!) to this tiny apartment in the city of Phoenix, I had to pare down my collection of witchy paraphernalia AND became very limited in where I could place my altar.  Well…. it faces North, which as I understand it, is the “Norsey” way of doing things.  So I looked at that upon arrival and declared that – well, I guess I’m a Heathen now!  With a smile and a wink.  Then what happened?  Well, as witches know, words have power.  The metaphysical shop and the group of practicing pagans I’ve found here seem to be largely Asatru, which is very cool!  After years of searching for the perfect rune set… I found it!  It’s made of bone and feels right to me.  So for this full moon, the Blood Moon, I consecrated my runes.  I requested Odin’s help in getting familiar with them and the mythologies behind them.  And something different spontaneously took place during my ritual…  instead of casting circle as I usually do…”I conjure thee, O circle of power, that thou beest a meeting place…. etc.”  I’ve uttered it a thousand times.  It’s rote.  I looked up at the Irminsul symbol (representing the Axis Mundi, the World Tree, Ygdrasil) that hangs above my altar, and I energetically cast circle by visualizing the tree as myself, branching out and supporting my spherical sacred space….  it felt really right to me.  When my rite was ended I drew the tree back into myself.  I don’t think that’s got anything to do with how a Heathen or Asatru Blot would be done… but I wouldn’t have discovered it without some exploration into those traditions.  So in the end, I’m crafting my own practice.  One that works for me, cobbled from many different paths.  And it keeps evolving and changing.  And I love that.  Because WE keep evolving and changing, and so should our spiritual practice.  


Blessings to all, and may all your moons, solitary or public, be magical and powerful.  

One thought on “Full Moon Fun

  1. Angel says:

    I love hearing about your shifts and new directions Renee. I sounds like the perfect evolution. I was just chatting with Jean about having a friend of hers come to Spiral Ascension to teach a workshop on Asatru. Coincidence? I think not. Love you.

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