Sunflower witch

Greetings, Readers, Followers, other witches in the world!
So there I am, all dressed up and waiting for the Trick-or-Treators! That’s Nyx, my kitten. She was very cooperative in providing living Halloween decoration!
This was a very different Halloween for me. I’ve lived in rural areas for a long time. This was my first City Halloween in about 17 years! I was looking forward to giving out lots of candy and seeing all the cute costumes on the children. So I decided to postpone my Samhain celebrations in favor of being there for the kids. …. …. All 7 of them! Yes, I was disappointed. I thought that living in an apartment complex (read, large number of doors to knock on in very small area) that there would be tons of kids roaming around begging for sweets. I was wrong. But I still enjoyed it. The kids who did show up were adorable and polite and I gave them extra candy. AND there was the added bonus of watching the hummingbirds feeding at dusk. HUMMINGBIRDS….. on October 31st! That is a first for me. I was delighted! So was Nyx!
Oh… and I wore my witch costume to work yesterday. (Pshh!! Costume indeed!) It was a ton of fun and everyone commented on how “authentic” I looked!

Yes Halloween is still my favorite holiday, as it was before I ever knew I was a witch. I think tomorrow night I’ll perform my Samhain ritual and honor my ancestors properly. I’ve got some nice red wine and three blood red roses. I’ll have to find the appropriate food offering as well.
Well, that’s all for today lovely readers! I hope you all had a lovely Halloween and or Samhain (and that maybe it’s continuing this weekend!) Yes, please, let’s extend this celebration as long as we can!

Bright Blessings!

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