Warning: Witch Rant Ahead!

Hi Readers!

Something stuck in my craw last night and so I thought, why not get it off my chest here! Lucky you! – Honestly, I promise not to rant too often but here goes.

Last night I watched the film “The Conjuring”.


This lovely creature is the “Witch” Bathsheba who apparently caused all the trouble.  Yes, I said witch.  So here’s my review of the film.  The Conjuring is a well done, high tension, beautifully “Hollywood-formula” fright fest!  As entertainment, I would say it was right up there.  Bravo, director James Wan!

The trouble is that this is presented as “based on a true story”.  This is the story of an investigation by Paranormal researchers (pioneers of their industry), Ed and Lorraine Warren. They investigate the demonic possession of a farmhouse and family in Rhode Island.  Without including spoilers, I’ll just tell you that “Bathsheba” was supposedly an escapee from the Salem Witch trials.  There seemed to be an implication that the fear-based and ignorant atrocities in Salem in 1642 were somehow warranted because clearly there was some evil to be uncovered there. And, frankly, it irks me a bit that a 2013 film could imply that there might actually have been a good reason for hanging and or crushing 19 innocent people.  (Face Plant!) There was another statement made in response to the question, “How could a mother kill her own child?” The answer?  Get this!  Witches believe that this act of evil will elevate them in the eyes of their Lord Satan!  Yes, they said that!  (Face Plant #2)  These little bits of ignorance were enough to make me question everything else in the film, including the apparent benevolence of the would-be real-life heroes, the Warrens.  Also, throughout the film there are implications that Catholicism is the only religion (“Go to Church, have your children baptized”) wherein one can secure any hope of protection from the many demons bent on possession of humans.  And they’re everywhere people!  EVERYWHERE!

Last, but not least, the rented dvd included interviews with some of the folks involved in the Warrens’ New England Society for Psychic Research.  One of the minions thereof informed us that the use of Tarot cards or Ouija boards or Runes is a conscious decision to allow the evil in, like an invitation.  By the way, “Tarot” was pronounced like carrot and “Runes” was pronounced Ruins!  (Face Plant No. 3) Psychic Research, my broom!

Now I am all for mindlessly entertaining, jump-out-of-the-closet, things-under-the-bed, hopelessly terrifying films! Love ’em!  But don’t insult my intelligence by calling it a true story and by trying to bring back the teachings of the Malleus Maleficarum!  Then again, perhaps I was just moved to write this my My Lord, Satan!

End of Rant!

On a much lighter note, I’ll be attending a combination Druid/Heathen Ancestor night tonight.  That will be the uplifting and much more interesting topic of tomorrow’s blog.

Blessed Be!

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