The Magick of Laughter


I’ve often been told, and believe firmly, that Magick changes things and the first thing to change is the practitioner herself!

Today, I was reminded more than once of the healing properties of laughter. I remember hearing a news story about a woman with cancer whose holistic treatment (and cure!) included watching funny films regularly.

I began to wonder if I could craft a healing spell using laughter.  Would it involve casting a circle around an entire comedy club?  Hmmm… perhaps it would be better to a have a recording of some kind or some funny pictures.

The thing about laughter is that it’s so unpredictable.  There are the carefully crafted word plays or deeply humorous interactions that produce the merest chuckle. Yet, some jokes, while admittedly lame, will throw you into uncontrollable fits complete with snorts and tears. That suff’s GOTTA have some powerful medicine!

Often, the element of surprise is key in making the difference between a giggle and a full on belly laugh.  So, I’m thinking it might be difficult to plan a spell that will really get me laughing enough to make it magickal.

I don’t know, it’s just a thought, this laughing spell idea. And perhaps it will come to something someday.  I’ll be sure to let you know, dear readers!

But for now, because sometimes the real magick is in our everyday life and because our habits create our future, I’m simply going to resolve to laugh more often.  In fact, somewhere around here I think I have a Living Social voucher for a comedy club.  That’s a good start, circle cast or no. That is the next healthy, if not so magickal practice that I’ll be implementing to change this practitioner.

Wishing you much love and laughter, I remain ever, your Witch in the World

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