Alright! I think I’m finally ready to let go of the Samhain season! (Not Really!) But Thanksgiving fast approaches! And as I believe strongly in the magickal properties of thankfulness, I plan to devote a goodly portion of my writings between now and November 28th to the topic of gratitude.

I learned, first hand about this concept some years ago, when I worked very hard to change my own ways of thinking toward the positive. I began to notice that the things I was most grateful for started to increase and become more abundant. Some folks are naturally grateful, others have to practice. I had to practice.

And because today, there are many things for which this witch is grateful, I’m going to make this a quick blog, because my wonderful man is here waiting to watch a movie with me. My adorable kitten is purring and making goofy faces. It’s time to enjoy.

Think of whatever makes you happy and grateful and enjoy that. There will be more to come over the next couple of weeks. Watch this space for the formula to happiness as I have experienced it!

Blessed be!

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