Dragonfly; an archive

dragonfly and girl

I was visited by one of these amazing creatures today… in November!! What a blessing! So I’m pulling out an old poem I wrote. Enjoy!


Stained glass wings –
Rendered all but invisible by their vibrations
Zip, stop, reverse, hover, zip again
You greeted me, one day
I sat alone,
Watched your erratic flight
Observed your hunting technique
Bending space.. to YOUR time
To catch the morsel and save us from the bloodletting
I silently thanked you for your services.
Suddenly, without the need to travel the distance
You appeared close before my eyes and became still
For a moment – suspended
Wonderment spared me no time for thought
Then I watched your departure, slower,
More deliberate than your arrival.
It was only after you’d gone that I had time to be grateful for that moment
And find a description for the image that still hung in my mind
Still hangs here, to this day
Iridescent body, flashing greens, reds, purples to my eye
Crystal wings, a-blur around that perfect stillness
How can so much motion be accompanied by such serenity?
O beauty! Come once more, if you will,
For the image in my mind fades – and does you no justice.

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