Standing Stone and Twisted Tree

twisted tree1

Hello Friends!  I’ve taken a few days off and it was well worth it.  There is so much for which to be grateful.  I’ve spent this past week with my wonderful daughter.  We’ve talked and laughed (to the point of tears).  We’ve shared some mystical experiences and have immersed ourselves in the beauty of Nature.  The Mother has blessed us this week!

I’ve always loved the invocation “Thee I invoke by the moonlit sea, by the standing stone and the twisted tree.”  Well, the standing stone and twisted tree come together nowhere more beautifully than at the Grand Canyon.  I love the way the trees take on an ancient, magical feel there, as if trying to match the age of the stone.  I feel very alive standing on the edge of this wonder.  And I’m so grateful to have been able to share the experience with my loves.  I have visited the Canyon with the people that I love most in the world and that is very gratifying.

I believe my next post will be a sort of travel-log.  But first, I wanted to show my appreciation for the wonders I have experienced this week.  Several times over the past few days, I’ve stood in places of surpassing beauty, feeling the energy of the The Mother, warm, powerful, comforting beneath my feet.  I have breathed in the scent of the Pinon Pines and the somehow spicy dry desert air.  I have turned my face to the sun and marveled as the moon grew to almost full in the cobalt blue sky. I spoke with a raven and she spoke back.  I caressed an ancient Juniper tree and felt the embrace returned.  For these gifts and many others, I say thank you.  In these moments, we invoke the Mother effortlessly.  When we wonder at the breeze, the color of the sky, the shapes in the stones and the amazing vista before us, She is there.  She reaches out for us the moment we reach for any of her creations.

This full moon, I will ask for nothing.  I simply say, “Thank You, Mother Earth, Father Sky, Sister Moon, Brother Sun.  Thank you, Animal Friends and Human Family! You have all bestowed great blessings upon me.  I wish you all of these and more!”

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