A Magickal Arizona Treasure Hunt

arizona cactus

After picking up my life and following a whim and moving to Arizona about 5 months ago, I am still learning about my new home state.  I’ve visited Sedona and the Grand Canyon several times before and the spiritual lure of those places played a very large part in my decision to move here.  From the first time I saw the Canyon, I felt at home there.  I felt as though I’d been there before.  (And I had!  But we’ll save that delightful story for another day!)  The power and force of our Mother Earth which makes itself evident in the beauty and the Vortex sites in Sedona had me convinced, long ago, that I would eventually call this place home.  So what better time to explore the wonders of my new home than when a loved one is visiting!

My daughter came all the way from New York for a week and  we spent last week adventuring and exploring as much of this beautiful state as we could fit in! We started with a bit of a shopping spree at The Fountain Hills Arts and Craft fair, then took a ride up the scenic Apache Trail to Tortilla Flat.

tortilla flat

That night we rode up the Cave Creek for some great Cowboy atmosphere at the Buffalo Chip and Harold’s

Buffalo CHIP

We discovered a new attraction in Scottsdale The Butterfly Wonderland!  Then we were off to explore Jerome, AZ, the “World’s Most Vertical City!” – There were some great little shops, wineries and eateries!

We hiked the Hermit’s Trail along the rim of the Grand Canyon and climbed Cathedral Rock in Sedona.  We also did a Jeep tour and this, I believe, was a bit of magick.  A few weeks ago, I received an offer from Living Social for a Vortex Site Jeep Tour in Sedona.  I thought it would be a fun thing for Maggie and I to do, so I bought the voucher.  It turns out that this particular tour company, was not your typical candy pink, look at the pretty rocks kind of tour.  This tour was given by a company called Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours.  Larry, our guide for this 2.5 hour tour spoke of the teachings that our Mother Earth still tries to impart, though most of us aren’t listening.  He brought us to a lovely garden containing a labyrinth and a medicine wheel.  He spoke about the spirit of the earth, the healing herbs She gives us, and the beauty that fills a space in our souls.  He brought us to vortex sites that felt absolutely wonderful and taught us of the scientific reasons behind the power and energy of these sites.  And when we reached a high plateau where we could see 360 degree views and watch the sun set, he told us of his love for a particular ancient Juniper tree. And he hugged her and I felt very at home.  He even played a lovely interlude of Native American Flute while we enjoyed the scenery.  No my friends, this was no ordinary Sedona Jeep Tour.  I had accidentally found a precious gem.  And I will return.  I suggest you give it a try yourselves if you find yourself in the area.

earth wisdom

And finally, this week of wonder was peppered with another wonderful experience- one that anyone anywhere can enjoy.  We were scavenger hunting the whole time!  For those of you who don’t yet know about Geocaching,  I highly suggest you check it out.  This is really my daughter’s thing… but I plan to start up my account again.  This is a worldwide treasure hunt!  You just go to the site and sign up, download the app to your smart phone and you’re off!  The site uses GPS to help you locate and log little boxes of treasure that are hidden by other Geocache members just about anywhere you are.  You check your phone app to see what is near you and go hunting.  Each Cache site gives hints and tips to help you find the cache.  Some are tin or tupperware boxes full of little trinkets for trade.  There’s an honor system of “take something, leave something”.  The boxes can contain anything from actual cash to little trinkets, buttons or charms.  I once traded some costume earrings for earbud headphones. Some are so small that all that can be included is paper on which to log the fact that you found it… that’s right, bragging rights!  And once you get into this, I guarantee you’ll get a kick out of just being able to say that you found it!  Some are very cleverly hidden in plain sight.  Others require quite a bit of hunting.  This activity adds so much fun to whatever traveling you do, whether it’s a trip to your local grocery store or a distant travel adventure.  Geocaching can add a whole new dimension to the fun!  We found seven Geocache sites in the seven days we had together.  Try it!  You’ll be addicted in no time!

So that’s my little Arizona travel log for last week – a week which ended in a full moon!  How appropriate!

I’m so grateful to Maggie, my 21 year old, vibrantly alive, beautiful, funny, smart, WONDERFUL daughter for spending this week galavanting with her old crone mother!  I”m grateful for every bit of this time we had together.  I’m a lucky mom, the luckiest!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you’ll check out some of the wonderful site’s I’ve posted!


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