Astrid’s Trial

Time seemed to bend and warp as she poured over her books in search of “The Key”. Astrid was attempting to solve the riddle her mother had left for her. She knew “The Key” was not an actual object, but an incantation.


Astrid was born to a long line of sorcerers. This was her first Ordeal on the long and arduous road toward initiation. The final ordeal and ritual would be torturous. It was intended to mimic death and re-birth. But this one was no less torturous to Astrid. Her beloved Owl familiar, Bloudewedd, had been turned to stone! Her task was to reverse the spell.

She knew the ingredients… she had already carefully blended the potion in a lovely, arachnid adorned flask. As with all magic potions, the final result was greater than the sum of its parts. These parts; herbs and spices, bits of bone and blood, she drew in precisely measured amounts from the drawers in her special “apothecary” cabinet. The potion was perfect! Of this much Astrid was certain. But the incantation…..

Suddenly, Astrid’s eyes fell upon a phrase…

“Flesh from stone”

“Aha!” she thought, and buried her nose further into the dusty tome.

Soon, with a sprinkling of the potion from the vial, she spoke the words,

“Enchanted Creature;
Hear my Decree!
This wretched Spell;
Be gone from thee!
Flesh from Stone;
Stone to Bone;
Feathers Free;
Fly to me!
Magic at hand;
At MY Command!
No spell can stay;
Which I will away!”

Bloudewedd’s feathers returned. The wings unfolded and in a moment of joy she flew to her beloved mistress and perched on her waiting arm! Astrid caressed her beautiful feathers and thought… one down, twelve yet to endure.

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