Dream Interpretation:  Why I started this Blog:

For three nights in a row I had some pretty memorable dreams. I’m honestly out of the habit of writing down and interpreting my dreams (or trying to) but these three are difficult to ignore.  Two of them were terrifying.  I woke my boyfriend with my cries of horror during one of them. The third, though not frightening, was still powerful, memorable and thought-provoking.

Yesterday, I took myself to a psychic fair. It was a fundraiser for a local spiritual group which I have come to appreciate and admire since moving here to Phoenix.  I decided on a (Bargain!) ten dollar Rune reading in support of their cause.  The question I asked was regarding the struggle of a loved one.  I didn’t think I had any questions for myself that needed answering at the time. (Ha-ha!)  After the initial question was answered (and quite beautifully) there was time for one more Rune to be pulled.  It could be a final message for my loved one’s struggle or something for me, personally, to ponder.  I chose the latter.  When such a thing is offered, I always figure the universe might have an important message for me.  And so it is.  I pulled Kenaz (The Torch, Fires of Passion).  My reader immediately said to me, “There is something you are passionate about that you abruptly stopped doing.  You’re neglecting or ignoring it and it’s time to get back to it!  It’s VERY important!”  And BAM! My dreams made perfect sense to me!  I got a chill at the pinpoint accuracy of this message.  And I’m a Reader, myself, no stranger to pin point accurate insights through divination.  But I was physically affected by this.  I understood.  And I understood that action was needed.

But let’s get back to the dreams.  The first two dreams ended with VIVID, UNFORGETTABLE images of my child, the beautiful baby girl to whom I gave birth and life, in mortal peril.  The visions kept me awake for hours after on those nights.  In the third dream, I had a pet owl.  Those of you who know me know how I feel about owls.  In my waking life, my conscience would absolutely prevent me from keeping such a beautiful, powerful, wild animal as a mere pet.  But the opportunity to stroke the beautiful feathers, look deeply into those large, knowing eyes and just to hold such a magnificent creature would be, well, a dream come true!  And my dream was full of those kinds of scenes, of very affectionate interactions between myself and this beautiful soul.  But it soon became clear that this owl couldn’t fly.  And that the cause of that was somehow my neglect or improper care.  I wasn’t allowing her to grow to her full potential, greedily keeping her all to myself.

Let me explain with a little history.

I lived in New York State all my life.  During my last several years there, I ran a spiritual center from my home located on twelve beautiful, wooded acres on top of a mountain made mostly of quartz. (yea, that kind of energy!)  I taught classes on spiritual practice, magick, the fundamental similarities between different faith systems, working with deities, personal development, raising one’s personal vibration, science and spirituality… the list goes on.  I led rituals, dozens and dozens of rituals, celebrating full moons, seasonal holidays, sabbats, and personal milestones.  I read Tarot and scried into crystal balls and made customized divination tools for others.  I wrote. I practiced. I lived my witchy ways.  I did all of this around, and aside from, a day job that took at least 70 hours a week of my time and didn’t pay my bills.

In June, I moved here to Phoenix with my love, in search of a better life.  I got rid of most of my possessions.  I moved into a tiny apartment with no real outdoor space.  I moved from the country life, where I had many friends and acquaintances, to the city, where I knew no one (simplification in the extreme!).  But I did move to a much better day job that takes only 40 hours a week of my time and which DOES pay all the bills and then some.  To say the least, my stress level was reduced by leaps and bounds.

Part of the idea in moving was to rest.  I had been running at top speed for years.  I was burning out.  My desire to give to others, to promote peace and to live my witchy ways out loud, waned.  And I needed a bit of quiet “fallow” time to re-fill my cup and start fresh. I thought it would take about a year… maybe a year and a day.  But here I am, four months after the move being tormented and compelled by my own subconscious to Get About What I was PUT Here to DO AND STOP WAISTING TIME!!  THAT’S QUITE ENOUGH REST, LADY!!

So here’s the plan.  My inner wise woman has decreed that I begin promoting my divination skills locally.  I have access to a venue where I can run a small one-woman psychic fair of sorts and have begun planning and advertising for that.  This morning I received approval to peddle my skills at a local Faerie Fest in November (one, I’m told, it’s very difficult to get into!).  ALSO, this morning, I received information about a group looking for spiritual teachers.  Coincidence?  I Think NOT!

And, finally, I am challenging myself to a new daily blog, beginning on October 31, 2013!  It will be called “A Year and a Day with a Witch in the World!”  (I’ll be posting the location shortly.)  I’m going to chronicle 366 days of practice, struggle, semi-broom closet dwelling, working-for-a-living, Witch in the City FUN!  I hope you’ll join me!

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