Storytelling Alchemy


My upcoming book!  Storytelling Alchemy is a work designed for those who’d like a new and creative practice to help bring the darker aspects or our lives into the light.

Cover art, editing and even the title are works in progress.  Keep checking this page for upcoming promotions, give-aways and contests!

The book’s introduction is below.

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Storytelling Alchemy – by Renée Damoiselle 


We all have a story.   We’ve all experienced tragedy, challenges and darkness.  If we continually hold that story in mind, retell it and think the tragedy through, over and over, it becomes a part of the psyche.  In experiencing difficulty, our emotions have a way of storing beliefs in the unconscious mind, so that, even when you’re not consciously aware, you are acting on those deeply held beliefs.  Those beliefs, formed in tragedy or sadness, are almost always false.  They must be uncovered and made conscious, in order to be changed.   Your personal story can halt your progress in life, keep you from forgiveness and stop you from reaching your true potential.  Your story, whatever your story is, should empower you, not limit you.

I’ve written this book to help you change your limiting beliefs into empowering ideas.  Letting go of the past is never easy.  And this book is no quick fix.  You will be challenged to examine past events and your feelings about them.  You will be required to work for your freedom and enlightenment, as it should be.  Utilizing the techniques in this book can change things for you in ways you’ve not yet imagined.

My childhood, like many others, was not ideal.   There were events from the early part of my life that used to limit me; abuse, rape, alcoholism.  These were realities of my life.  But storytelling allowed me to see the Truth beyond the reality. (Yes, that’s Truth, with a capital T. More will be revealed in the pages that follow!) My part in all of my darkness was revealed to me in my stories.  I was able to take responsibility, change some of my false and deeply held beliefs and move toward freedom.  I began the practice of storytelling intuitively, but since my first foray into the world of fairytales and happier endings, I’ve studied with experts on the topic of reaching the unconscious.  I’ve read countless books and attended dozens of seminars and classes on the process of human transformation, and the workings of the mind.  I’ve condensed all of the knowledge and experience I have with this topic into this book because it has been such a valuable practice for me, and I want to share that.  I’ve been teaching these techniques in workshops and find it so rewarding to see the changes that occur in my students.  This book is a way to reach a larger audience and help more people to overcome their own darkness and reveal their inner wisdom.

How would your life change if you could let go of the past?  What would be different for you if forgiveness became normal?  How would your decisions be different if you truly believed yourself to be limitless?  Being able to act from a place of compassion and understanding (for yourself and others) is a profound catalyst.  Being able to take back your personal power and consciously manifest your own future is bliss.

My life has transformed from one of resigned duty to one of limitless possibilities.  Storytelling has given me the ability to eliminate my boundaries.  Everything is possible for me now.   One of my students shared with me that during her work in my class, she realized that one of her most limiting beliefs (that she was “not good enough”) came from an incident she experienced in grade school.  Because of the techniques I taught her, she was able to uncover something that had previously been hidden from her conscious mind.  The incident, in which she was “the last one chosen”, on the surface, seemed insignificant. Who hasn’t experienced that?  But once she was able to examine the emotions and the ideas that were implanted in her subconscious from that experience, she realized its importance.  Once she started writing about it and adding new perspective, the belief began to change.  And that is a powerful transformation.

fairytale background

Don’t wait to create your own transformation.  If you’re reading this, that means something inside of you is eager for change.

If you are willing to delve into your own past and your psyche and your own stories and if you are willing to look closely and fearlessly at your life, to make positive changes, this process will help you turn your leaden, heavy, dark past into the golden, bright future you desire and deserve.   Don’t shun this idea because it’s scary.  Bravery is rewarded.  Be your own hero and take this leap with me.  I will be there to help you every step of the way.

Read on and discover your inner wisdom.  Trust me, it’s there!  The journey on which you’re about to embark will help you, intuitively and naturally, turn all of your Once Upon a Times into Happily Ever Afters. Lead to gold, baby!


3 thoughts on “Storytelling Alchemy

  1. Melissa says:

    Open to learning new paths

  2. Rozelisa says:

    Fabulous … Can’t wait to read it in its entirety …

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